17-Day-Old Infant Dies at TCH

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Rob Kwok of Kwok Daniel Ltd LLP is honored to represent the parents of Amiyah Jacot, a 17-day-old infant who died in the care of Texas Children’s Hospital, West campus. Around October 3, 2018 at 1:09am, little Amiyah was transported by ambulance to TCH West Campus to monitor her breathing. She was non-emergent at admission. In fact, the ambulance did not transport with lights or sirens. However, around 1:45am Dr. Elaine Fielder in conjunction with other TCH personnel, without the benefit of any diagnostic testing, chose to push 80ccs of fluids into Amiyah, prompting her immediate heart rate crash. Amiyah was pronounced dead at 2:54am.

The autopsy revealed 11 separate rib fractures – midclavicular, ribs 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, right posterior ribs 3 & 4, and left posterior ribs 2, 3 & 4. Also present were multiple puncture marks covering Amiyah’s entire body, including her head, both arms, both knees, both feet, both heels, backside, and both hands. Says Kwok, “the Texas Children’s Hospital folks were a bit rough with this little girl. According to her parents, Amiyah was stable until the Texas Children’s Hospital staff started injecting, poking and prodding her.”

Amiyah’s parents have hired Kwok Daniel to obtain the video and depose the Texas Children’s Hospital doctors/nurses to further investigate the cause of Amiyah’s death. Says Kwok, “We look forward to getting answers for the Jacot family and holding the bad actors accountable for their actions, so another family doesn’t lose a child due to medical negligence at Texas Children’s Hospital.”

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