Grievance Defense

Clients cannot file a grievance to force an attorney to take action on a case or to gain an advantage in dealing with an attorney. There are also rules that prohibit attorneys for reporting other attorneys solely for these reasons. Clients should not file a grievance in place of talking with her attorney. The grievance system is adversarial and is not a forum for attorney-client communication. Many times attorney client disputes are best handled outside of the attorney grievance system. If you are unsure whether to file a grievance, first call the State Bar’s Grievance Information helpline (1-800-932-1900) for more information.

Drawing on his experience while serving a full term on the State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee, Mr. Kwok also defends his fellow attorneys from allegations of professional misconduct. Grievances are very serious, and may result in suspension or disbarment from the practice of law. As such, grievances must be reviewed very carefully by experienced attorneys (such as Mr. Kwok) and the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel. Not every disagreement with an attorney involves professional misconduct. With this in mind, Mr. Kwok has been successful in reviewing grievances against other attorneys and providing sound advice. Recently, Mr. Kwok received a written ruling from the State Bar of Texas, dismissing a grievance against a prominent personal injury attorney in Houston. This is yet another example of the aggressive, efficient and personal legal services offered by our firm.

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