Wrongful Death

Over the past two decades, Firm founder Rob Kwok has devoted his entire career to representing families who have loved ones, at the workplace, in a car crash, or in a hospital setting. In fact, Mr. Kwok’s record setting jury verdict in Delgado vs. Oiltanking was $20.2 million for a wrongful death case where a wife lost her husband and their two young children lost their Dad. Before that Mr. Kwok gained national recognition for filing and settling the first wrongful death lawsuit against BP arising from the 2005 Texas City explosion that tragically killed 23 workers.

Wrongful death is a highly specialized body of law that requires your lawyer to empathize with your loss while aggressively prosecuting and proving up your case. Mr. Kwok has dealt with dozens of families over the years and understands each person’s pain. Mr. Kwok also has gained valuable knowledge of the kinds of damages recoverable – survivorship, estate, loss of consortium, mental anguish, economic losses to name a few. And each element requires evidence in the form of testimony, sometimes expert testimony, Mr. Kwok’s specialty.
At any given time, Mr. Kwok is actively preparing for trial the Firm’s most compelling wrongful death cases. Says Mr. Kwok, “getting my cases ready for a jury to decide damages takes up most of my average day. I am motivated by each client’s suffering, whether it be a widow or kids who have just lost their parent. My passion is to hold negligent parties responsible and ensure my clients are fairly compensated.”

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Some of our ongoing wrongful death cases include:

Estate of Cristhian Cardozo v. WalMart & Allied Barton
Estate of Patrick Parks v. City of Joaquin et. al.
Estate of Daly Sutton v. Kia Motors

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