Products Liability

Kwok Daniel Ltd, LLP has consistently identified products liability defects in our every day auto collision cases, thereby maximizing our clients’ recoveries and holding auto manufacturers responsible for defective seat belts, tires, and airbags. We have successfully represented clients against virtually all the major auto manufacturers, including Ford, GM, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai and Toyota. Know that when you trust us with your car wreck case we will explore all other avenues of recovery for you.

In 2010, our Litigation team took on Toyota Corporation on behalf of a forklift operator who suffered a traumatic amputation of his left leg in a forklift tip over. The case warranted our firm purchasing an exemplar forklift and fitting it with safety doors (see video here). In addition, our litigation team traveled to Melbourne Australia to take the deposition of our forklift expert, sparing no expense in litigating the case. After Mr. Kwok conducted jury selection of a Harris County jury pool the case settled for a confidential sum later that evening.

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