Kwok settles multiple surgery premises case in night mediation

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On July 30, Judge Cara Wood in Montgomery County assigned this multiple spine surgery case
for jury trial on August 13, 2018. On July 31, 2018, the parties attended a night mediation with
mediator Ron Wardell starting at 5:30pm. By 10pm we reached an impasse. Says Kwok, “It was
getting hot in our room – both temperature and emotions. Most lawyers would have given up.
But by 10:30pm I had made a few calls while my associate, Ryan Loya, worked on a large
medical lien. Soon after we were able to sign a mediator’s proposal and the case immediately
settled.” Kwok Daniel LLP has been custom crafting deals for our deserving clients for over 25
years. We know the ins and outs of your deal and we are experts in maximizing our client’s
recoveries. Says Kwok, “yet another case of us going the extra mile to get our client fairly
compensated and fully satisfied with his deal, taking into account venue and other intangibles
many lawyers often overlook. Montgomery county has not had a 7-figure Plaintiff’s verdict in
awhile – that’s why we could not walk away from mediation without a deal.”