Road Rage Case Wins Significant Settlement


On November 14, 2017, Rob Kwok & Alex Boylhart mediated a contested road rage case where the Defendant driver side-swiped our client’s vehicle at a high rate of speed and fled the scene. Houston police tracked down the Defendant, who was driving a company vehicle for a prominent Houston company. Our client suffered spinal injuries and underwent a cervical fusion after months of medical treatment.

At mediation, Rob Kwok and Alex Boylhart exposed the Defendant corporation for hiring an employee driver who had committed numerous prior felonies in multiple counties, including at least 6 DWI convictions. Despite the Defendant driver admitting to having prior felonies on his job application, Mr. Boylhart established the company hired him and put him on the road regardless. After several years of litigation Kwok Daniel was honored to win a significant settlement for our deserving client.

Says Boylhart, “It is critically important for us to protect Houstonians by holding corporations accountable for who they put on the road. Companies need to carefully screen their company drivers and follow up on red flags in employment applications – otherwise bad things may happen.”

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