Kwok Settles Premises Death Case

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Stafford, Texas – On December 8, 2017, Rob Kwok negotiated a significant settlement for a family who was assaulted and saw their father fatally shot after shopping at a store in Stafford, Fort Bend County, Texas. Mr. Kwok sued both the well-known store and their security company that was contracted to patrol the parking lot to deter crime and protect customers.

Kwok Daniel trial lawyer Ryan Loya aggressively litigated the case toward trial and in just six months, the defendants met the family’s demand by more than doubling their previous offers. Mr. Loya proved that during the most crucial seconds prior to the shooting, the store manager pulled the guard off of her post. By the time she returned to the parking lot, it was too late. The unarmed guard had no means to dispatch for help because she forgot her radio and had no company cell phone. Says Mr. Loya, “The store went about as cheap as they could and hired a low-dollar security outfit in the most dangerous area of the County. Even three years after the shooting, these companies had no clue what the true responsibilities of the guards were. The second the store was presented with a real life-threatening situation, the security process completely failed and it cost this gentleman his life.”

Says Mr. Kwok, “This was a tragic and preventable loss of a father that should have never occurred. Both the store and the security company were aware of the area’s criminal history – 5x the normal activity per our experts – but chose not to take additional necessary steps to protect customers. After we filed suit, the store replaced the security company with an armed guard off-duty police officer to prevent this tragedy from happening again. We are honored to bring accountability to the defendants and closure for the family.”

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