Senior Pedestrian Killed by Teenage Driver


On July 11, 2017, our 74 year-old senior citizen was walking back from her
mailbox in the Silver Lake subdivision in Pearland when she was violently
struck in the back by an Acura SUV operated by a 16-year old neighbor. The
speed limit in the gated neighborhood is 25mph. However, the impact
from the SUV caused massive skull crush injuries and internal organ
damage, resulting in her death a few hours later. Sadly, the victim was
steps away from her driveway and never saw the SUV; the SUV left no skid
marks and never braked. We were honored to get this new case referred
by a prominent immigration attorney and look forward to putting our full
resources into getting the family justice for this unfortunate loss.
Recently, Mr. Kwok was able to gain a confidential 7-figure settlement for a
family who lost a loved one in an auto-pedestrian fatality. Says Kwok, “the
incidence of young people driving recklessly is on the rise, given the many
distractions available to them – studies show 26% of teen drivers involved
in fatal incidents were distracted by their cell phones.”