Jury Awards Kwok Daniel 15x’s Allstate’s Offer – UIM Trial

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On Thursday, July 7, 2016, a Harris County jury (10-2) awarded Kwok Daniel’s client $106,330.00 in actual damages for an underinsured motorist claim arising from a car wreck that happened on December 6, 2011. The case was tried before the honorable Judge Englehart in the 151st Judicial District Court of Harris County. Lead Counsel for Plaintiff, a Kwok Daniel attorney, seated a jury of 4 men and 8 women on Wednesday and had the verdict by Thursday just after lunch. The jurors heard from defense counsel veteran, John Causey on how the Plaintiff received a majority of his treatment after signing up with his lawyers. However, the jurors spoke up after the verdict saying “it was clear that he had been injured pretty badly in this wreck.”

The underlying case previously settled for the minimal $30,000.00 policy limits, and when Allstate offered only $5,400.00 on the UIM claim, Kwok Daniel took Allstate to trial. Says Lead Counsel, “I have the utmost respect for Mr. Causey. He’s a fierce advocate and a solid opponent. Hopefully Allstate gets the message and starts paying UIM claims.”

After interest and costs, the final judgment is almost $80,000.00, almost 15x’s Allstate’s “top offer”. Says Mr. Kwok, “I’m pleased with this verdict. Our brand of taking each and every case across the finish line shines through once again.”