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Jury Awards Kwok’s Clients $90K

11 Mar

Posted by Christine in In The News

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, a Harris County jury awarded Kwok Daniel’s clients $90,182.26 in actual damages arising from a car wreck that happened on April 30, 2011. Trial lawyers Christine Weems and Will Hoke had already tried the case to verdict once in May 2014 against Partner Walter Lynch and Senior Trial Counsel Louis Layrisson of Baker Botts – the first trial resulted in a hung jury. Prior to trial, Baker Botts’ top offer was only $12,000.00. Post trial, Kwok Daniel again offered to settled the case for $80,000.00. Baker Botts’ client, Texas Farm Bureau had Senior Adjuster Tommy Sulak lower their top offer to $10,000.00 and then withdrew it before trial. With no choice but to try the case again, Ms. Weems and Mr. Hoke began trial for a second time on Monday, March 9, 2015. After a hard fought, hotly contested battle with some of the nation’s best defense lawyers, Kwok Daniel took the win.

This contested car wreck involved a stationary object in a moving lane of traffic on I-10 at Bunker Hill. The defendant driver, Jack Weir, took a faulty evasive action and fishtailed out of control, ending up 90 degrees to I-10 in a moving lane of traffic. Kwok’s clients could not avoid the collision and ended up broadsiding Mr. Weir’s Tahoe at highway speed. Says Ms. Weems, “Baker Botts found and deposed a mystery witness who was not on the police report who said the wreck was all our client’s fault. On cross I pointed out he had very little memory of the wreck itself but had very specific memory of everything Mr. Weir did right. The jury didn’t buy his testimony for a second.”

The case was tried – twice – before the Honorable Dan Hinde, 269th Judicial District Court in Harris County Texas. Says Mr. Hoke, “I’ve been trying cases for a long time, and I’ll try a case before Judge Hinde any time. He always let’s us lawyers try our case.”

After interest and costs, the verdict judgment is $104,155.31, around 10x’s of the “top offer”. Says Mr. Kwok, “I’m thrilled with the verdict. Our team vigorously represented our clients, and they are equally thrilled. This verdict represents the relentlessness of our firm – we never quit.”